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Romney vs. Obama – down to the wire

I have to say I am surprised that this election is this close so late in the game. I never thought Obama vs. Romney would come down to election night but it seems like we will all be watching on the edge of our seats.  Read this article from Reuters by clicking here.

About a quarter – 26 percent – of registered voters said they have already cast their ballots. Among them, Obama leads by 52 percent to 43 percent. The number is not necessarily predictive because Democrats are typically more likely to vote early than Republicans.

I really thought Obama would be running away with it by now. Can’t win win em all, right?  I still predict Obama 53% to Romney 47% in the popular vote.

I have to say this, there is a part of me that wants Romney to win just so we can find out exactly what his plans are. He sure as hell hasn’t told the American people yet. Just that he “knows how” to create jobs, and he will “close loopholes.”

But when it comes to Obama vs Romney in this election it is too close to call! Looking forward to election night.


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  1. Since Bloomburg along with the Economist has endorsed Barack today, the business community is abandoning Republican “businessman” Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney has finally managed to lose the faith and confidence of the one constituency that he was supposed to have locked up. Bloomberg said if the old Mitt Romney were running, he might have voted for him. But given Romney’s tack to the right, Bloomberg is endorsing the President for a second term.

    Romney’s math is a problem for The Economist. Although the Economist endorsed Obama saying, “America could do better than Barack Obama, sadly Mitt Romney does not fit the bill.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but then that speaks volumes about Mitt Romney.


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